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EUSR Accredited

Become EUSR Accredited to further your career.

At KOPLANT Construction Training, we can help you obtain your EUSR Accredited status. Upon Successful completion, you will receive an accredited EUSR card with the competed categories on the back.

The accreditation will last for 3 years.


CAT 1 - Locate Utility Services

Locate Utility Services training assists in identifying the location of buried cables and pipes before excavation, reducing the risk of injury to personnel and
damage to utilities. – HSG47

The course will cover theory and practical elements on the dangers of service strikes and safe working practices when using the CAT & GENNY.

You will understand and demonstrate Power, Radio, Genny and Avoidance mode searches, induction searches, direct connections and using various attachments to aid in locating utility services.


Duration – 6 hours

CAT 2 - Implement Safe Digging Practices

Implement Safe Digging Practices training expands the knowledge and awareness of safe working practices when breaking ground.

It promotes procedures to implement when working around underground services, allowing understanding to the level of risk it poses and why they need
must be used.

This course will cover theory and practical elements where efficient knowledge and safe practices will be used to break the ground safely.


Duration – 6 hours

CAT 1&2 - Locate Utility Services and Implement Safe Digging Practices

After completing Locating Utility Services and understanding the knowledge and operation of the CAT and GENNY, the safe digging practices will begin.

It will demonstrate safe digging techniques when breaking ground, with the aid of cable avoidance equipment. This course covers both Locating Utility Services and Safe Digging Practices units.


Duration – 1.5 Days

Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive Wheels training gives in depth knowledge into Abrasive Wheels Awareness on petrol cut off saws, battery operated / electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and bench or pedestal grinding machines that use an abrasive wheel.

The training will cover theory on Abrasive Wheel Awareness and the dangers when operating.

The practical will then be performed which covers the pre use check of the equipment, mounting of the abrasive wheels and performing cuts on different materials.


Duration – 6 hours

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